Hawaii FEAST supports place-based and public artwork, as well creative advocacy, through community financing and social networks. FEAST refers to a  community dinner, at which attendees pay to join a catered reception, and a portion of that payment is set aside as a prize. While attendees eat, mingle, and imbibe, different artists showcase their work and explain their proposed public art project. After the presenters are finished, attendees vote on which artist’s project they wish to award the prize to.

It’s win-win-win: Attendees enjoy a meal with friends, one artist (or group of artists) is awarded funding to put towards a public art project, and all presenters gain exposure and a rare networking opportunity.


Hawaii FEAST seeks to empower artists to create vibrant and resilient communities in Hawaii through place-based and public artwork, and creative advocacy. Hawaii FEAST is built upon community resources; Local artists produce ideas for public artwork and creative advocacy, and community members take part in the decision making process of selecting projects and financing them.


Hawaii FEAST has:

  • Cultivated five community dinners, and at these dinners over 370 community members and 22 groups of artists were engaged.
  • Raised a total of $3,950 in crowd-sourced funding to support five community-driven public art projects. 
  • Helped sustain local public art programs and placemaking efforts, through community exhibitions, panels, visioning walking tours, and more.